The patient enlisted our clinic’s services in order to resolve the situation of her upper front teeth, where she had a badly placed and mobile acrylic denture that had led to severe inflammation of the gums with continuous pus discharge, in addition to being non-functional.
The rest of the gums were also inflamed, with unpleasant odor even after brushing, characteristic of one of the initial stages of periodontitis.

After removing the initial work, and a professional and thorough cleaning (scaling, professional brushing, subgingival curettage), and after 12 anti-inflammatory treatment sessions, the periodontitis was stopped, the gums recovered, and the restoration stage began.
In lieu of the central upper left incisor which had been extracted due to an old infection, an implant was inserted and synthetic bone was used to restore the bone loss due to the old infection and improper extraction.
Temporary dentures were developed and the patient wore them for approximately six months (necessary period for the artificial bone to integrate; without integration, the process does not require more than two or three months – see previous similar case), after which the final work was completed (see photo).


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