"Approximately two years ago, I had to undergo a molar extraction. It was very difficult for me to do this as I believe I have beautiful teeth, with no other particular problems. Following this episode, I almost immediately started looking for a solution to the missing tooth. I felt incomplete. When an implant was suggested to me, I accepted right away because I did not want two other teeth to be destroyed in the process of getting dentures, as the majority of the dentists had suggested.

In February of 2004, while on location in Brazil, I decided to undergo the procedure. That September, during a regular checkup, I found out that the implant had not integrated into the bone, but had infected it. I was so very worried! I thought my mouth could not take an implant due to God knows what medical condition I may have had, according to my readings. I visited a wide variety of dentists who could not find anything wrong.

I found out about the Asclepimed Clinic from a Romanian friend of mine. I scheduled an appointment right away. At the beginning of November, 2004 I was evaluated by Dr. Daniel Iordachescu who explained that I did not have any medical conditions or fault in this, and that over 80% of failed implants are due to a technical error or to dentist’s negligence. In addition, he told me the situation was not disastrous and it could be fixed. He removed the old implant and inserted a new one, and used artificial bone to make up for lost bone structure. All this took approximately 45 minutes, there was no pain involved, and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual during the procedure. I was extremely pleasantly surprised! After approximately two months, as recommended by Dr. Iordachescu, I had an X-ray performed in Germany. My doctor in Germany said everything looked great. I emailed the X-ray and two weeks later I was in Dr. Iordachescu’s office again. An imprint was done and after 5 days I had my final porcelain crown in place. I was whole again! Thank you so much, Doctor!"


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