Beauty is an option
as happiness is an option, too!

Someone once said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
True. We are the measure, filter, and mirror of beauty.
We are the vehicles through which Godness prevails.


“Without the Madness of Creation, Life Would Be an Act of Vulgarity.”

These are the most beautiful people and stories involving radically changed lives, energy, quest, transformation, art, pleasure, poetry, and synesthesia. The masterpieces of the classics turned avant-garde. Creators - not doctors, artists - not technicians. God in every detail, the imagined and the yet unimagined.

This is the first facial-aesthetics art-clinic in Romania, unique in its own way through a complex high-class and avant-garde range of services and techniques, from dental aesthetics, reconstruction and remodeling of the maxillaries and lips, to the refined aesthetic surgery, fillers and tissue rejuvenation techniques. A Temple of Beauty, as we like to call it.


The Asclepimed Facial Aesthetics - Art Clinic Team

Supra-specialised Dental Clinic


12 Dr. Grigore Romniceanu Street

District 5, Bucharest, ROMANIA

T. +4031.421.24.73 M. +40721.257.427

M. for emergencies, call: +40722.717.789