"I am the director of a successful business. I lost most of my back teeth ten years ago after neglecting my periodontitis. During all this time, I have endured having to eat only soft foods and chewing with my front teeth. You can imagine… In the meantime, my stomach started bothering me and I found that I was getting an ulcer. That is when I made the decision and started visiting dentists’ offices, which I passionately hated. My first option was dentures, and I tried five different ones over three painful years. I could not stand any of them; they hurt me, made me nauseated, and kept me from tasting the food.

I found out about the option of implantology, and I restarted visiting dental offices and asking only for implant treatment. The few offices that offered this option were disappointing. After waiting between three weeks and two months to be seen by a ‘specialist,’ I was told that I would be a difficult case because there is not sufficient bone available for implants… that there is a technique, but it is very difficult… I was on the brink of losing my patience and becoming depressed. Following the advice of a colleague who had had a positive experience with implants, I decided to try one last time. That is how I came to be at the Asclepimed Clinic, where my colleague had undergone treatment. I was scheduled a week after my initial phone call, and seen by a surgeon from the start (Dr. Iordachescu). After a thorough examination, a treatment plan was developed and explained to me in a way I could understand. It entailed surgical steps, bone and maxillary sinus lifting, etc. All I can say is that, although I believe these procedures were complicated, they seemed absolutely acceptable to me. After three months I had the first implants completed, and after six months, all my teeth were done. The feeling was indescribable, I felt young and able to do anything. It has been three years since then. Three fantastic years!"


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